My Journey Into Wellness

I have always enjoyed fitness, but like most of us, it was the first thing to disappear when things got busy. Likewise, I always wanted to choose healthy foods, but really had no idea where to start.

After my daughter was born 3 years ago, it became clear very quickly that things had to CHANGE if I was going to function at my highest capacity for my family, my career, my students, and myself!


With a baby at home and a demanding career with odd hours, there was no way I could make a 2 hour round trip to the gym anymore or spend an hour cooking an elaborate dinner in the evening! I had to find an effective, efficient, and practical solution ASAP!

After lots of research and some trial and error, I discovered the system that has become an integral part of my life for the past 2.5 years! Efficient 30 minute workouts stream straight into my living room and guide me through every step of the process. Meal prep became a huge part of my life; saving hours and hours of cooking and cleaning by getting it all done in one afternoon a week. And I learned what balanced, healthy eating truly means! It was a revelation not to ever feel hungry or deprived, but instead to enjoy my meals, see great results, and not feel any stress about it! To see more click here.


With such a dramatic turnaround in mine and my husband’s lives, I am compelled to share it with others! If you are a busy person who needs to function at your peak to make your biggest and best impact in the world, this is for you!

If you would like me to send you a free sample meal plan or guided fitness trial, click here

I’ve since enjoyed guiding many fellow moms, couples, musicians, high-achievers, and all around BUSY people to reach many of their health and fitness goals as well. I have presented a wellness clinic at the TMEA convention, published an article in Southwestern Musician, and am currently completing a nutrition certification so I can be even better equipped to direct you to your goals.


If you’re curious to hear more about the results I’ve seen not only in my own personal health, but also in my mood, productivity, and effectiveness I’m happy to share more with you. Think this sounds like something that could benefit you? Check out more information here or send a message through the form.  Please include your instrument, years playing experience, and wellness goals.


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