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My Journey Into Wellness

I have always enjoyed fitness, but like most of us, it was the first thing to disappear when things got busy. Likewise, I always wanted to choose healthy foods, but really had no idea where to start.

After my daughter was born 4 years ago, it became clear very quickly that things had to CHANGE if I was going to function at my highest capacity for my family, my career, my students, and myself!


After more than a decade of consistent yoga practice, I took advantage of the COVID shutdown time in 2020 to complete my 200-hour Registered Yoga Training. I love incorporating yoga knowledge, body awareness, and injury prevention into my flute practice and teaching.


If you’re curious to hear more about the results I’ve seen not only in my own personal health, but also in my mood, productivity, and effectiveness I’m happy to share more with you. Think this sounds like something that could benefit you? Check out more information here or send a message through the form.  

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